Austin Traffic Warrants Lawyer

The State of Texas can suspend your driver's license if you accumulate too many tickets or you fail to address even a single outstanding ticket. If you fail to pay a traffic ticket and miss a court date, a failure to appear (FTA) warrant may be issued for your arrest. Now, you may be wondering what options you have.

Not paying the fine and hoping to avoid being arrested is your worst option. More than likely, you will end up paying the fine plus additional fees, and you could be denied renewal of your driver's license.

Of course, you could plead guilty or "no contest" and pay the fine, but that would be recorded on your driving record, which could result in higher insurance rates.

Your best option may be to plead not guilty and post a bond in court to lift the warrant. You will no longer be subject to arrest, and you will have the opportunity to fight your traffic ticket.

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The Law Office of Thomas Swain, PLLC, in Austin, Texas, provides experienced, knowledgeable legal counsel to help individuals minimize the penalties for unpaid traffic tickets that have resulted in arrest warrants. In many instances, our lawyer fee is less than the fine alone, and significantly less than the cost of fines plus increased insurance rates.

Any traffic ticket can result in an arrest warrant if you fail to comply with the timelines explained on the ticket. Ignoring an arrest warrant can result in an untimely or possibly embarrassing arrest at home, at work or if you are stopped again.

We often are able to keep a client's traffic record clean, many times without going to court. If you have questions regarding a warrant that has been issued for your arrest, call our Austin traffic warrants attorney at 512-912-9122 or email us to schedule a free consultation.