Austin Occupational Driver’s License Attorney

If your Texas driver's license is suspended, expired, canceled or revoked, you can apply for an occupational driver's license (ODL), which allows you to drive legally for the purposes of an "essential need." That includes driving to work, school or to obtain groceries.

To obtain an ODL, you must get an order signed by a judge granting you the right to drive. This includes a filing fee and various other expenses that the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) requires, including insurance and reinstatement and issuance fees.

In some cases, including some DWI arrests, an individual must wait a certain period of time before obtaining an ODL. Periods of ineligibility range from 90 days to a year, depending on your circumstances.

The legal team at the Law Office of Thomas Swain, PLLC, in Austin, Texas, can answer your questions and explain your rights regarding obtaining an ODL. In some cases, we have discovered after reviewing a client's situation that an ODL is unnecessary because our client can have a standard driver's license reissued by paying fines or through some other means.

Georgetown Lawyer For Restricted License

License suspensions are handed down by either the DPS or by a court. DPS suspensions can occur for a number of reasons, including:

  • Failure to appear in court on a traffic citation
  • Conviction of a drug or alcohol-related offense
  • Being deemed a habitual violator (four moving violations within a 12-month period or seven moving violations within a 24-month period)
  • Unpaid surcharges or child support
  • Driving after your license is expired
  • Unresolved matters from another state

It is important to understand all of the restrictions attached to a Texas ODL. Generally, an ODL is only issued for a four-hour period, and may have other restrictions attached to it depending upon the nature of the offense. To drive more than four hours, the court needs to see good cause as to why the ODL should allow you to drive up to 12 hours each day, with a limit of 60 hours of driving per week.

Have An Experienced Austin Traffic Violations Attorney Assess Your Case

There are numerous options when dealing with license suspension and obtaining an ODL. It is smart to seek the counsel of an experienced Austin occupational driver's license lawyer who can explain your options and help determine what is in your best interests.

Often, our attorney fees are a fraction of what you would spend in fines, fees and increased insurance rates that we may be able to eliminate completely. Call 512-912-9122 or email us to schedule a free consultation.