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Driving while intoxicated (DWI) is among the most aggressively prosecuted crimes in Texas, particularly for repeat offenders. Even a first-time offender can face possible jail time and license suspension.

Drunk driving is a serious charge that requires equally serious and aggressive legal representation. At the Law Office of Thomas Swain, PLLC, in Austin, Texas, our experienced legal team has a thorough knowledge of Texas DWI laws, as well as the circumstances involved in many DWI arrests that infringe on drivers' rights.

In Texas, individuals under 21 cannot drink and drive at all. Anyone under 21 who is found to be operating a motor vehicle with a "detectable amount" of alcohol in his or her system may be charged with driving under the influence of alcohol (DUI). This is a different charge than driving while intoxicated (DWI), and is punishable by a maximum fine of $500 and loss of license. We provide aggressive defense in DUI cases.

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We will review every aspect of your DWI case, from the police stop to the manner in which a standardized field sobriety test was administered. A challenge on the admissibility of the breath-testing reading device has resulted in reduced charges in some past cases and the complete dismissal of charges in others.

There are multiple types of DWI offenses that a person may face, including:

  • First DWI
  • Second DWI
  • Third or multiple DWI offenses
  • DWI with a child passenger
  • Intoxication assault
  • Intoxication manslaughter
  • Boating while intoxicated

While other DWI defense attorneys are quick to accept a reduced charge and move on to their next case, I am determined to take your case to trial if it is in your best interest. I will keep you informed at every step of the legal process and encourage you to play a role in the decisions that are made.

If you have questions about your arrest, you can have them answered by an Austin DWI lawyer during a free consultation. We will give you an honest assessment of the likelihood that we can get the charges reduced or dismissed. Call 512-912-9122 or email us to schedule an appointment.